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This Private Email Coaching Program will have you feeling super confident about your love life.

I get it, you’ve read a lot of love and relationship books, you've probably been into a couple of workshops or seminars, you’re always watching Oprah and Doctor Phil, you’re so in tune that you’re putting men at a distance, you’re not answering their texts right away, you’re doing everything that every relationship guru tells you to do but you still can’t find the FREAKING RIGHT DUDE!

And here is why…

I want to tell you how I’m different than everybody else aside from the fact that I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology... and I know my shit.

I’ve worked with many women all around the world that are just like you and when we got beyond those initial problems that existed on the outside, we realized that there was something much greater going on and it is called self-love.

So, do I teach you how to find the right man? I absolutely do- but I have a different way of doing it because I’m going to allow you to reignite the love with yourself first so that you can attract the soulmate that is going to treat you like a queen.

This is unlike anything else you’ve ever invested in. Why? Because, it’s not just about attracting the “right man” for you; but it’s also about starting to heal all those inner wounds that keep making you choose men that are not the right fit for you. This program will allow you to get in touch with your true self and FINALLY uncover your true desires regarding your love life. It is more than just meeting a man you’ll enjoy spending time with, but about finding out who is the real SOULMATE that you will enjoy sharing everything with.

















I learned a lot from women while working with them. You may be a successful businesswoman, or a struggling housewife, there will always be this important piece that matters most to you: your LOVE LIFE…

Let’s admit it once and for all! You are made in such a way that you are always connected to your emotions. You FEEL anything and everything, all the time…

Nothing to be ashamed of, that’s why you’re so awesome!! Being in touch with your feelings allows you in many ways to be successful in different aspects of your life.

So why do you keep blocking this side of you in your love life? Why do you need to show people that you are such a badass that love isn’t really important to you?


Being loved is every human being’s purpose , especially if you are a woman. 

You may be thinking now… Love has been a source of frustration and resentment until now. You’re just better off. Less reasons to feel down and unhappy. 

I can totally relate actually! I even took the decision to stay single for years but let’s face it, we all dream about this prince charming riding his white horse and rushing to rescue us! Taking care of us, meeting us at home at the end of a very tiring (and exciting) day at work. 

Hello, wake up Michèle! This man DOES NOT EXIST! Disney totally scr***d us up convincing us that we will have our “happily ever after” when we grow up! 

Then I started my business (that’s what we do when we want to stop thinking about silly things like love, right?) and I had to do some serious inner work and get in touch with my true self and my true unspoken desires. OMG! It was mind-blowing! Like, “Is this really me?” 


It was the real me, the part of me (myself!) that I had spent so many years hiding because she was so different from what society teaches us. I was so scared that her real thoughts might make me look totally "cuckoo", so that I chose to restrain her instead. But then, she-myself was out! Not scared at all to be different or judged. 

And guess what… 

That’s when I realized that my dearest desire was to find real love and have a family. 

But something was definitely different this time: I was in love with my true self and knew exactly what I really wanted and needed from a man, I found out what my own prince charming was like in every aspects. 

Once I was aware of that, it was so easy to make the right choices in my love life and stop feeling threatened by this topic.  

Every woman deserves love and each one of us has her own version of the “right man”. We just need to unlock some blocked part of us in order to understand who he really is.

Oh, and for a limited time, you can subscribe for just $47 per month

And here's why you need it...

  • You are fed up with investing your heart and soul into relationships that end up being sources of frustration and resentment.
  • You disagree with the common criteria of “Prince Charming” and you are growing hopeless that a “customized” version of your prince does exist.
  • You feel totally clueless about what is going wrong in your relationships.
  • You can’t even see why a man would choose to be with you since even your family told you that you are “too difficult to handle”.


• If you keep your emails relatively brief, I will usually be able to reply within 24-48 hours.

  • In the unlikely event I do not reply to an email within 72 hours, I will extend your coaching subscription by one week for free. 

• There are no refunds, however you may cancel your coaching subscription at any time and still continue to receive coaching for 30 days after your last payment. 

• All email correspondence is strictly confidential. I will never sell or disclose your personal information  


I could be open to Michèle about everything that had been through my life. She is always that compassionate, patient and resourceful! She taught me the importance of self-love and self-esteem. It is okay to fail and it is okay to be unique. I will never lose my quirkiness, my strangeness and my weirdness because I am just being me. So now, I have been shifting my energy to be more and more positive every day, because I know that I deserve all the good things in life! I am so thankful of what I have in my life, and I know better things are coming along because I believe in myself. Thank you so much, Michèle!

- Sissi, Boston, U.S.A.

After a 25 years marriage and a painful, decisive separation, I felt I was “fine” but, lost, feeling guilt and pain. Here is when beautiful Michèle appeared. In few sessions, she made me realize that I can cry, yes, I can cry and rid myself of guilt feelings that I should not have had.

Michèle helped me become strong again. She liberated me of all those ugly feelings, of burden I have been carrying. She reminded me of my right to be free, to find my true self that I lost, to let go and to move forward, focusing on all that is positive in my life

Above all, Michèle taught me to smile when I open my eyes, count my blessings and most importantly, the right to say “no” without having to explain why. Love you Michèle!

- Fadia, Beirut, Lebanon

Michèle is a fantastic person with clever and thoughtful insight into other people’s needs. She knows exactly what the issue is after the first conversation and is very intelligent in the way she helped me realize them myself and become truly aware. What I loved most is her gentle and patient way in that process and I didn’t feel uncomfortable for a second revealing myself. I am so happy to work with Michèle and to release negativity, bad patterns, improve my life and make my wishes come true.

- Dijana, Zagreb, Croatia


 What won't you give to make sure you stop losing your time with the wrong candidates? Time to get rid of blocks and attract your soulmate! 

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