Mistakes in a Relationship


6 Rules Every Woman Should Follow to Attract Mr. Right~ and you should too, Ms. Confident!

Find out what could be holding YOU back without wasting anymore time!

Let’s face it, you’re here because….

You’re an absolute powerhouse at work but when it comes to love and relationships you can’t seem to attract Mr. Right and instead you keep ending up with Mr. Wrong. 

Let’s be real, you’re running out of time and quite frankly you’re fed up with the dating scene. 

So instead, you’ve removed yourself from the idea of ever finding love and focused on what you do best. WORK 

But in reality - you’re still craving that love.

Which is exactly why I’ve created this checklist that will show you my proven steps to:

  •  Attract a man that will treat you like the queen that you are!
  •  Create happiness in all areas of your life.
  •  And leave you feeling overly confident and ready to take on the world.

Hi ! I’m Michèle Jabre - Clinical Psychologist and Crazy Love Coach. 

I build everlasting and meaningful relationships from the inside out, because in all reality you can't get the man you want, or the job you want or whatever you want if you don't have self-love and respect for yourself. 

So I create a Crazy Love between YOU and YOURSELF using my expertise in healing inner wounds or blocks.

So enough tossing and turning, click here and Beyoncé your way back on the stage.

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